My name is Abby Leighton and I am from the preppy New England town of Simsbury, Connecticut.  I am a passionate illustrator, graphic designer, hand letterer, and photographer.  At the heart of my work lies my two biggest joys in life- music and the outdoors.  If I’m not busy making art, you can find me blasting Rush through my crappy car radio or watching (yet another) documentary about the Grand Canyon.  I spend way too much time geeking out with my best friend over vintage typography & designs at my local junk shop.
PrattMWP Freshman Show (2016)                                          Utica, New York
The Five Minute Walk Sophomore Show (2016)                Utica, New York
The Other Side Gallery Seasons Show (2017)                      Utica, New York
Utica Pubic Library Annual Show (2017)                              Utica, New York
PrattMWP Sophomore Show (2017)                                        Utica, New York
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