At Live Free Or Die Candle Co., our goal is to represent the beauty and scents of the New England states.  Whether you show pride where you live or want a simple and sweet  reminder of your home, our candles are hand-crafted specifically to showcase each of the six New England states; New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  

Our emblem is an A-frame cabin, reflecting the naturally simple and rugged New England life.  Bring home reminders of your favorite New England memories with Live Free or Die Candles.

Our company is proud of representing New England.  That's why 10% of our profits go to help clean up New England state parks.  

The candles were manifested by designing the A-frame cabin shape, 3D printing the shape, creating a silicone mold, then casting the wax candles.

Balsam Fir & Campfire

Representative of our home state, New Hampshire is the epitome of coziness on a fall afternoon - reminding us of our bold adventures through the White Mountains and the crisp evenings snuggling by the campfire tucked away in the forest.  

Maple Syrup & Fall Leaves

The classic scents of autumn and the premier maple syrup will remind you of Vermont.  The beautiful mountains curtained with luscious trees are the inspiration for this candle.

Crisp Apple & Mountain Breeze

Delicious and airy, this candle evokes memories of picking Apples at your favorite local orchard while feeling the crisp autumn breeze on your skin.  ​​​​​​​

Blueberry & Forest Moss

Fresh and warming, be reminded of Vacationland when you bring this candle home- the hot afternoons eating the freshest berries off the bush and exploring the vast, lush forests.

Sea Breeze & Lemongrass

The charm calming freshness of this candle will remind you of the charming lighthouses and quaint seaside towns that make up the uniqueness of Rhode Island, the smallest state in the country.

Birch Trees & Pine Needles

This candle will evoke the strong feelings from the vast forests of this state. The freshly fallen pine needles and birch trees are the essence and motivation of this scent.

The boxes for our candles are a simple square shape, with our logo centered on the front and the state of the candle on the sides and back.
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